Terms & Conditions

Samaresh Web Solutions Terms

The copyright to the following information belongs to Fastwebsites.in a website design brand service of Samaresh Web Solutions locally known as SWS. If anyone is taking, coping or using in any way would be considered as breaking this copyright law and may result in legal prosecution. We are doing regular searches through search engines for finding any websites that may have taken any part of the following text.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions will be applicable to all website designing and development projects for the provision of our brand web designing service i.e. Fastwebsites.in and will supersede any other documentation or communication. There will not be any variation to these terms and conditions unless agreed in writing by Samaresh Web Solutions. The following terms & conditions will not affect an individual’s statutory rights as a Consumer. Fastwebsites.in reserves the right to refuse any order or request for services without providing a reason. These terms & conditions shall be construed in accordance with the Law of INDIA and will be judged in our local jurisdiction.

1) Acceptance

Using our website (www.Fastwebsites.in) is subject exclusively to these terms and conditions. You are not allowed to use our Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions. By using this Website you are fully accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained in this notice. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately stop using this Website (www.Fastwebsites.in).

2. Copyright

Fastwebsites.in strictly reserves all rights to all text, images, graphics, logos, examples of designs and all content on this website. ©2017 Fastwebsites.in.

Any content including all text including Packaging concept, images, graphics, logos, examples that are taken, copied or used by another individual or business in any way would be considered as breaking this copyright law and may result in legal prosecution. Remember we are doing regular searches through search engines are in order to find any websites that may have taken any content from this website.

3. Limitation of Liability

Fastwebsites.in is not responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the client as a result of the use of content or designs (Materials) supplied by Fastwebsites.in. All our works created will be considered approved for use by the client prior to being employed for use in any way. The maximum liability of Fastwebsites.in under any circumstances shall not exceed the paid amounts relating to any respective order.

4. Severance

If for any reason our terms and condition is considered invalid by any court or local jurisdiction then such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect as if these terms & conditions had been agreed with the invalid illegal or unenforceable provision eliminated.

5. Right to Modify Terms & Conditions

Fastwebsites.in reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time. If you place an order before the new terms and conditions are presented then the old terms and conditions will be application for you. But any orders placed after the new terms and conditions have been presented will be subject to the latest terms and conditions.

6. Online Bookings or Orders

For online booking or order of our website design packages, details and specifications of each package will be displayed prior to placement of the order. So you are requested to review these specifications to ensure that all details, fees, payment and any other terms are acceptable.

If the client has asked for quotation or placed the order over phone then the clients are expected to review the quotation and these business terms to better understand what is included with the service. Clients should ask if there is anything they are unsure about with regards to what is included with the service.

7. Use of Work Product.

Fastwebsites.in reserve the right to use the original work and/or reproductions for display, publication or demonstration purposes.

8. Project Completion Date

Fastwebsites.in and the Client must work together to complete the web design project in a timely fashion. Both parties agree to work expeditiously to complete the web design project no later than within number of weeks stated above. Special circumstances may be taken into consideration.

9. Refunds Policy

If a Client asks for a refund then a refund will be provided unless work has already begun on a project. Refunds will not be provided if the amount of studio time already spent on a project (charged at Rs.500/- per hour) exceeds the costs of any payments made. Fastwebsites.in may, at its discretion, offer a full or partial refund to the Client under certain circumstances where no formal right to refund exists.

10. Cancellation

Fastwebsites.in understand that the services described are specially designed for the Client and takes immediate steps upon execution of this agreement to design those items set forth herein; therefore, this Service Agreement is not subject to cancellation by the Client for any reason.

11. Client

A client is the individual, business or company that has requested any work to be provided by Fastwebsites.in.

12. Websites Hosting

Website hosting services is included in all our web development packages but the client needs to renew the domain and web hosting every year based on the renewal cost that is mentioned in the package.

If a client fails to pay for website hosting when asked by Fastwebsites.in the hosting account will expire and the hosting will be cancelled.

Fastwebsites.in will not be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the client as a result of a website being hosted as part of the service provided by Fastwebsites.in

13. Domain Registration

Domains for use with a website can be registered by Fastwebsites.in for clients who require this. The cost of one .com or .org or .in domain name is usually included within the Web Development package costs listed above but if a client requires more than one then these will be charged at an additional amount for which the client will receive a quotation for.

Fastwebsites.in will not be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the client as a result of a domain being registered as part of the service provided by Fastwebsites.in.

14. Three Years Web Media Partnership Contract

The Client here by agrees to make Fastwebsites.in his web media partner for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of signing this agreement by continually doing the renewal of the domain name and web hosting yearly from the date of domain and Web hosting purchase. After only completion of the agreement period (i.e. three years after the initial signing of this agreement) the client will be eligible to get access of all ftp files of its website for transferring to others.

NB: However in case of any special circumstances the client may be allowed (within 3 years) to transfer its domain to other web hosting company by paying extra one year renewal charges.

15. Damaged Websites

If a website provided by Fastwebsites.in fails or is damaged for any reason including technology fails, website hacks or viruses then Fastwebsites.in will attempt to resolve the issue for a client. No guarantee can be offered for repairing a damaged website though as the extent of the damage may be too great to resolve in extreme cases.

16. Free Maintenance Quota

The number of free maintenance services that are available to clients are based on the website development packages they opted in; but if they finish their maintenance quota before a year and they require more maintenance then those service will be paid service.

17. Access To Clients Accounts

The client needs to provide the domain and Hosting control panel account for the purpose of project development or maintenance. This information will be treated as confidential. Clients should change any passwords provided to us once we have accessed an account for them so as to keep the account as secure as possible.

Fastwebsites.in will not be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the client as a result of Fastwebsites.in accessing a client’s account as part of the service provided by Fastwebsites.in.

18. Fastwebsites.in Credit

Fastwebsites.in will mention its own website link on the footer section of your website and will show the site in its portfolio.