characteristics of hospitals and clinic websites design:

Health care is becoming more consumer-driven, many hospitals are updating the services and features they offer to patients so they can stay competitive.

1.Patient perspectives and reviews

Hospitals may need to get involved with the review process themselves, creating sections on their websites where patients can rank their experience and share their thoughts with others.

2.Quality ratings

There’s currently a big push for transparency in the healthcare industry – and that includes being upfront with patients about quality rankings, whether they’re impressive or not.

3.Medical records.

Medical records may also become more interactive, with patients being able to make additions to the record based on their perceptions of their symptoms.

4.Pricing information

Since many patients treat hospital stays like any other major purchase, they’ll want to see how much certain services will cost, particularly because they’re responsible for much of their healthcare cost. Hospitals that want to get their business will have to be honest about the financials, providing patients with pricing information.

5.Video consults

Whether a patient’s confused about a medication or wants to speak with a clinician about a new symptom, hospital websites of the future may wish to take advantage of telehealth tools to follow up with patients.

6.Promotions and deals.

 For extremely price-conscious healthcare consumers, forward-thinking hospitals may want to try out “limited time specials” for certain services, exclusive to users of their websites.