characteristics of training institute website design:

1.Enquiry Management

Collect all relevant details of a lead such as personal details, contact detals and course enquired. You can categorize the lead on the basis of source of enquiry such as telephonic, email, walk-in, News Paper etc.

2.Follow-up & Reminders

You can set status updates & follow-up action for each enquiry. The system maintains log of all the past follow-ups. System generates reminder list of pending follow-ups for the sales staff to take action.


Student enrollment or admission involves a lot of interrelated processes such as the form fillup, summarizing total fees considering various variables involved, offering installment choices, clubbing various course modules and working on discounts.

4.Student Records

Managing student’s personal data and enrollment data has been segregated in the system in a least confusion manner.The primary unique criteria for student data that we considered is mobile number and email id. You can manage almost every other details of the student such as personal details, guardian details, academic history in brief and any other special info as necessary.

5.Fees Management

The training industry is getting crowded and competitive which forces each business to offer better choices, facilities and flexible payment models to their “Students”.

We understand this very much and the same thought process has gone into developing a smart fees management module. It gives you flexibility in predefining various payment packages for each course and ability to choose discounts or premiums charged. You can set various options of Fee installments per package.

6.Real Time Reports

Firstwebsites.in offers a flexible and easy to use reports tool. It allows to generate flexible reports that helps the Institute owners and business managers to take timely decisions and corrective actions on various aspects of the business.The reports includes leads, enquiries, enrollments/admissions, Cancelled admissions and terminated ones.

7.Outstanding Fees Reminder

The built in reminder system allows you to set 2 reminders before due date and unlimited post-due date reminders. The fee reminders are sent as sms & email messages to students as well as parents/guardians. You can configure this option under settings as well as exclude certain students as per the business criteria applicable.

8.Course Management

The students prefer to enroll in entire course or an individual module.You can define individual modules as well as clubbed packages. The enrollment is possible for individual modules or for the packaged course. You can choose the subjects that are added for each course. The same subjects are then used for the timetable.

9.Batch Management

Student admissions to various course are managed under multiple batches due to either infrastructure limitations where all students may not be accommodated in one class or the flexibility needed by students.

10.Faculty Management

Faculty management is subset of the User management. You can store additional information related to a faculty such as qualification, skill sets, subject expertise in this section. It may occur that a particular subject is being taught by multiple faculties. This information is used to allocate the faculty for a particular subject in timetable.

11.Attendance Records

Fastwebsites.in offers real-time and editable attendance screens with excellent GUI.

The interface also provides facility for marking holidays and cancelled lectures. Individual student report can be viewed at one place. Like total absentee and leave Attendance report can be customised using the filters according to course & batch.


Reports section gives ability to keep eye on the entire business activity at a click of a mouse. It helps the management to make an informed decision on daily basis as well as helps in planning the future.