Characteristics of Logistics website design:

1. Driver’s daily log

A module meant for keeping a daily driver’s log. Features include tracking for driver information, hours of work, mileage, pre-inspection, post-inspection, and delivery details. Every little detail that is involved with the logistics of delivery are incorporated into this feature.

2. Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker

This set of features can be used in tracking expendable distances driven for business purposes. It allows users to select the purpose of the trip and it calculates the expense amount, based on the company’s reimbursable rate. It also can be used for tracking purposes that are required for taxes. Fuel/gas charges can also be added as part of the expense report.

3. Driving Route optimization

your mobile app for logistics website can do that as well. Its deep integration with services such as Google Maps can give you real time information of the traffic density on a particular route or area so that you can quickly take preventive measures and redirect your drivers to a less jammed route.

4. Driver and vehicle tracker

Your entire feel or any individual driver. All that it takes is your driver to have the dedicated module installed on his BYOD device or the one provided by you. This can also help you optimize the cargo for each one of them.

5. Package tracker

Package Track form allows you to record carrier information, tracking, and who a package was delivered to. This information can be manually uploaded by the driver via this dedicated module.

6. Automated Manifest Form delivery

our clients particularly appreciate the option where the driver with just a click of a button on the screen can instantly send a manifest delivery form back to the central as soon as the shipment is completed. The delivery form is tied to specific vehicle information and the location of the shipment.