Features of travel agencies website design:

Travel companies need to make sure its websites design are making the online customer journey as quick and painless as possible and that holiday information is easily accessible and searchable.

1.Straightforward search filters

Such as these from Secret Escapes, which serve you destination results updated in real time based on the boxes you tick.

2.Huge beautiful images

You’re also not bombarded by rows upon rows of thumbnails, just a handful of well-chosen pictures, which you can cycle through at your own pace.

3.Customer reviews

An integral part of all retail experiences, consumer reviews are an effective sales drivers, and a trusted source of information for users.

4.Favourites list

If you haven’t settled on a destination yet, a favourites list is a very helpful tool, which allows you to remember the places that briefly took your fancy earlier in your search.

5.Simple, idiot-proof calendars

Fastwebsite.in has a great easy to view calendar for arrival and departure dates, which pops out off the departure and return fields. Also note the bright green selection colour which stands out clearly, the retention of previous and next months days and simple today, tomorrow and in a week buttons.

6.Clear pricing without hidden fees

Nothing makes a visitor bounce quicker than unexpected charges and taxes. Despite its insistent, upselling tactics, fastwebsite.in is clear about its pricing throughout the customer journey.